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James Joyce's Dubliners, a Visual Response and Contemporary Contextualisation.

A travelling exhibition of prints, painting, collage and artist's book.

The book (ISBN 978-0-9553004-1-7) comprising 16 digital printed plates will be hand stitched and bound, to archival standards. The book size is approximately 310 x 490 mm. Each book may have a very individual look and feel both tactile and visual depending upon the materials used and print material substrate. Whilst there is continuing availability of materials the book will be hard covered to archival standards using handmade banana plant fibre paper.

This internet page also includes work in progress interventions, a further exploration of Dubliners with contemporary contextualisation; which are not included in the artist's book. Please contact Des for further information. During 2016 it is intended to commence the creation of further limited editions, digital with interventions such as silk screen, water colour, oil and gold leaf.

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Note: Exhibition hosting enquiries are welcomed from UK and international academic institutions, libraries and galleries.

News: The University at Buffalo, New York, has acquired copy number 1 of the artist's book for its globally acclaimed poetry collection.

Amazon worldwide now features a low cost downloadable version of the book.
1b title page 
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1b title page

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