Painting & Drawing
The recurrent theme in Kilfeather's art is the philosophical exploration of ethics, greed, power, ambition, jealousy and apathy. Counterbalanced with narratives of love, optimism and humour. Starkly and dramatically contrasting personal experiences inform the work. These experiences are the main source of inspiration for the expression of doubt and optimism in these paintings. Contact Des for further information and pricing information. Several paintings have Gallery Retail prices attached, contact Des.

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1aaaa lowres Y2T7519 
 The Walled Garden. Oil on gesso prepared board 740 x 490 mm approx.

Refers to Botticelli and the 12th C. Novogrod icon; Angel of the Golden Locks.
1 400px Y2T7223 
 SOLD...prints available. Blues with Yellow. Oils on unprepared wallpaper lining paper. 
 Keywords: yellows blues reds purples square shaped blocked illustratiion
1 400px Y2T7244 
 A Russian Affair or Most Muscovites Drink Wine. Oil on Linen 30 x 24 inches. Acknowledging: Christopher Baker, workshop West Dean.
1 400px Y2T7264 
 Study for a Russian Affair, Glass with red toned flowers. Oil on linen. 18 x 14 inches.
1 400 px Y2T7348 
 Irish, the orange and the green. Study for a Russian Affair 3. Bottle on red orange toned background. 18 x 14 inches. Acknowledging: Christopher Baker, workshop, West Dean.
1 400 px Y2T7353 
 Study for a Russian Affair 1. Glass with pink toned flowers. Oil on canvas. 18 x 14 inches.
1 600px Y2T7462 
 Loneliness of the long distance sailor. Oil on canvas, copper tacked to watercolour stained and boat varnished ply. 39 x 55 inches. 
 Keywords: siren mermaid mythology sea ocean fine art
1 6ins700px Y2T7482 
 I Love America, an exercise in polishing, pigmenting and gold leafing. Traditional Gesso prepared board, gold leave, pigments in WRM.
1 6ins Y2T7143 
 Criterion One. Egg tempera and iron gall ink on canvas. 12" x 12".
1 6ins Y2T7148 
 Searching for Arethusa. Dry pigment on traditional gesso prepared board finished with beeswax. 12" x 14" est.
1 6ins Y2T7150 
 WD21. Oil on canvas. 40" x 30" est.
400px Y2T7212 
 ZZZzzz. Oil on reclaimed unstretched canvas. 
 Keywords: red purple blue green moon night asleep xmas illustration
400px Y2T7217 
 Untitled study. Iron Gall Ink and Charcoal onto acrylic primed wall lining paper. 
 Keywords: naked woman semi abstract illustration painting drawing
400px Y2T7224 
 Adrift. Photography of printing ink on perspex prior to monoprinting. 
 Keywords: illustration sea ocean boating sunset green flower red pink abstract
400px Y2T7229 
 Untitled. Indian ink on paper. A1 size.
400px Y2T7230 
 SOLD....prints available. Thinking woman. Indian ink, gesso and conte on paper. Thinking woman II, III, IV, etchings still available. Limited edition giclee prints available.
400px Y2T7234 
 Pencil on paper.
400px Y2T7235 
 Untitled. Conte on paper. A2 size.
400px Y2T7239 
 Untitled. Indian ink, gesso and water colour on paper. A1 size.
400px Y2T7242 
 Naked woman stained onto naked canvas. Oil on unsized canvas.

Images 21-40 of 70 displayed. Show 20, 60 or all per page.
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