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The Collective Unconscious, a Relational Art Project

This project has evolved through Des Kilfeather’s artist volunteering work with Pallant House Gallery and its Outside In, Step Up programme.

Déjà vu, (Synchronicity), and coincidence have always fascinated and intrigued Des. It is therefore perhaps unsurprising that in later life he should be researching the unconscious self within an artistic context. This relational art, quantum physics and Carl Jung’s Collective Unconscious research project is for everybody, young, old, uneducated, highly educated, academic, quantum physicist, psychologist, philosopher or artist; all opinions and experiences are valid and will help us all in thinking about who we are and why we do the things we do.

Click on the link above to access the project on Facebook or download the resulting paper from Amazon world-wide.

The James Joyce Aesthetic (Esthetic)
Celebrating James Joyce and Kilfeather's research into ethics and contemporary society.

The Ethic Aesthetic
Kilfeather's aesthetic, philosophy of art research notes.

Trafalgar 200 Through the Lens
Pre-aesthetic, editorial Kilfeather: 200 years since the Battle of Trafalgar.

Des Kilfeather, the Artist.
Des Kilfeather's artist Facebook page, which everybody is invited to join and befriend.

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