Exploring Nicomachean Ethics and Akrasia

Kilfeather continues his exploration of nicomachean ethics, eudaemonism and akrasia, with this series of digital paintings, some with acrylic paint interventions, about akrasia. Akrasia, from Aristotle's nicomachean ethics typically is about people that, through obsession or greed, cannot stop themselves from wrongdoing. 

Akratic, gluttonous obsession with power and subjugation provided the initial inspiration for this Relational or Participative project.  More recently it has evolved to include other akratic issues in particular broken promises on education by government ministers.

All audience members, professional artist or otherwise are invited to participate in the Relational project, please follow the link:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/28880384@N06/5105591932/

Click an image to view that part of the Akrasia paintings

All images are strictly ©Copyright DP Kilfeather